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Sweet Potatoes

Veggie Combos (blend in a blender, add liquid to desired consistency or natural applesauce if you need to make it more palatable (aka sweet)):
Spinach, Cooked peas, Apple
Spinach, Cooked Green beans, Apple
Cooked Carrots, Apple


Apples - you can make your own (follow the pears recipe) but I just fed him natural applesauce with no sweetener added as we always have a big jar of it around.

Broccoli Soup - Isaac loved this soup.  Isaac's doctor said that milk was ok so long as the baby was breastfed for the first 6 months, so we had no qualms giving him this soup.  We did cut the cheese back considerably (just as well, it's better for us that way) and we didn't add any salt to the main pot of soup.

Baked Chicken and Mushroom Rice - We made this for dinner and threw a little into the blender for him, pulsing it so it was a texture-y mush.  He liked it pretty well and I froze the rest as ice cubes for easy dinners.  Again, this has dairy (a little cream), but we've had no problems giving him milk.

If you want to make your own baby food, it is super easy!  You just need a blender or a food processor and some ice cube trays.  Making your own food not only provides your child with fresh, nutritious meals, but it also allows you to get in the habit of having your child eat a little of whatever you are already having for each meal.

For example, if the family is having steamed carrots, steam some extra carrots, pull out the families carrots, then allow the babies carrots to steam a little longer and a little mushier.  When the baby carrots are good and mushy, puree them or mash them with a fork, depending on age.  As they get older, the same can be done with soups, pasta dishes, etc.  Just add the salt and fat to the main dish after you've already pulled out babies helping.

A website I have found incredibly helpful is NurtureBaby

I also recommend The Baby Food Bible by Eileen Behan which has an alphabetic listing of common fruits, veggies, grains, and dairy, listing when it is appropriate to introduce them to children and how best to prepare them.  It also has recipes for baby "meals" and recipes for family dinners that can easily be adapted for baby food.

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